Month: September 2021

Episode 16 – MBSE around the World: Finland with Riku Salminen

Broadcast date: September 27, 19:00 CET – Language: English We want to learn how MBSE is used in the world and this time we visit Finland. Our guest is Riku Salminen. We talk about how MBSE is used in Finland, what is the state of education, what organizations are there for MBSE, where are the…

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Episode 15 – MBSE Methodology SYSMOD incl. FAS & VAMOS [EN]

Broadcast date: September 10, 19:00 CET – Language: English In this episode, we want to talk about MBSE methodologies in general and SYSMOD in particular. Since our co-host Tim is the author of SYSMOD, we don’t have a guest this time and just talk to ourselves. We first take a general look at MBSE methodologies…

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