Episode 46: The Open Source SysML v2 Tool SysON with Axel Richard and Jérémie Tatibouet

In our next episode of the MBSE Podcast, we will spotlight the upcoming open-source SysML v2 modeling tool, SysON. We will discuss its features and how it aims to support system modeling.

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Episode 41: Automated Reasoning for SysML v2 with Jamie Smith

Tune in for a compelling discussion on the advancements in MBSE and the critical role of formal verification in designing deterministic and error-resistant systems.

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Episode 20 – The Open Model-Based Engineering Environment (OpenMBEE) with Chris Delp from Nasa JPL

The first episode of 2022 is part of our MBSE tool series and starts right away with a hot topic: “Connected engineering information for a connected world” – that’s the claim of the OpenMBEE platform. Their promise sounds like a dream for every (system) engineer: “It enables engineers to work in the language of their choice and easily share and document their work across other tools.”. So, let’s have a look at how to make the engineers dream true.

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Episode 18 – MBSE Tools: The Incquery Suite with Istvan Rath and Enrique Krajmalnik

This episode is again part of our MBSE Tools series. This time we look at the Incquery Suite.

Our guest Istvan Rath is CEO and co-founder of Incquery Labs. The suite enables the Digital Thread in which it analyses and connects MBSE models. It increases data quality and connects silos. As an integration platform, the Incquery Suite watches over all the phases and provides continuous model analysis, in particular, inter-domain validation and consistency analysis.

We are happy to welcome Enrique Kranjmalnik as a guest in this episode as well. Enrique is COO of Vitech, which is part of Zuken. Among other things, we will talk about how the Incquery Suite can be used for consistency of a tool chain with Vitech’s GENSYS for a system architecture, and Zuken’s E3.series for a detailed wiring design.

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Episode 12 – MBSE Tools: Lemontree [EN]

Broadcast date: June 9, 19:00 CET – Language: English In addition to methodology and modeling languages, tools also play an important role in MBSE. For many users, they are the face of MBSE, as they finally bring it to life in the tools. In this episode, we will take a look at the LemonTree tool…

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Episode 9 – MBSE around the World: China with Xiang Lee [EN]

Broadcast date: April 7, 16:00 CET – Language: English We want to learn how MBSE is used in the world and this time we visit China. Our guest is Xiang Lee from the company SysGraph. We talk about how MBSE is used in China, what is the state of education, what organizations are there for…

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