About us

Tim Weilkiens is a consultant, trainer, author, editor, lecturer, board member of loose, and active member of the OMG and INCOSE organizations.

He is a co-author of the SysML specification and, together with Yves Bernard of Airbus the workgroup that further develops SysML v1 and a team that works on SysML v2

As a consultant, Tim has worked with many companies in different domains. The insights into their challenges are a source of his experiences, which he passes on in his books and presentations

Tim has written many books on modeling, including Systems Engineering with SysML/UML (Morgan Kaufmann, 2008) and Model-Based System Architecture (Wiley, 2015). He is the publisher of the pragmatic and independent MBSE methodology SYSMOD. You can contact Tim at tim@mbse4u.com and read his blog at www.mbse4u.com

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