Broadcast date: December 14th, 2021

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Welcome to the 14th door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Again, we take a look at the physical architecture.

Yesterday we worked on the definition of the physical architecture and the allocation of the elements from the functional architecture. Let’s have a look at it again in the model.

TMPCT Physical Architecture Definition

As promised yesterday, today we will cover the internal structure of the physical architecture. 

TMPCT Physical Architecture

The internal block diagram shows all parts and connections of our physical architecture. It is somewhat simplified here and we have not explicitly modeled some of the ports. As a reminder, you can identify the inherited elements by the circumflex symbol before the name.

If the system is more complex, you will have more internal block diagrams. On the one hand, different diagrams on the different hierarchical levels of the system and, on the other hand, diagrams for different aspects, for example, internal block diagrams that only show logical or only electrical connections or internal block diagrams that only show the connections necessary for a use case.

So much for the 14th door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. We wish you a great 14th of December.

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