Episoe 35: MBSE and AI with Alessandro Migliaccio and Giovanni Iannone

Broadcast date: May 15th, 2023, 19 CET 

Since ChatGPT became popular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic of discussion. However, AI has already been under discussion in systems engineering for quite some time. AI is a technology that has already made its way into several systems, and to design and deploy successful systems with AI, we need to have a common understanding of its capabilities, limitations, and peculiarities. Familiarity with AI is necessary for both engineering AI-enabled systems (SE4AI) and using AI tools to support our daily work (AI4SE).

We have invited Alessandro Migliaccio and Giovanni Iannone to discuss this topic. They are the authors of the recently published book Systems Engineering Neural Networks by Wiley.

You can join us live on the Youtube Livestream on May 15th, 2023, at 19:00 CET or later on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, or Google Podcasts.

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