Episode 45: Semantic Interoperability with Elaheh Maleki, Quirien Wijnands, and Nils Fischer from ESA

In our upcoming episode, we will talk about semantic interoperability in MBSE. We’ll explore how this concept helps different systems communicate effectively, ensuring that data is not only exchanged but also accurately understood and utilized across various platforms and industries. This time we have three guests. They all work at ESA: Elaheh Maleki, Quirien Wijnands, and Nils Fischer.

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Episode 10 – Ontologies & DOL with guest Dr. Fabian Neuhaus [EN]

Broadcast date: April 30, 19:00 CET – Language: English In this episode, we look at ontologies in general and the OMG DOL specification in particular. DOL stands for Distributed Ontology, Model, and Specification Language. In recent years, the topic of “ontology” has become increasingly important in systems engineering. A good reason to take a closer…

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