Broadcast date: December 3rd, 2021

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Welcome to the 3rd door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Behind the third door, we take a brief look at requirements modeling. 

There is and has been a lot to say about requirements modeling. We will limit ourselves to one special feature, which is also the learning gift of today: the reuse of requirements. This is a bit unusual but is supported by SysML with a special relationship, and the relationship is not yet used that often.

In the Christmas tree business, there is the important International Christmas Standard abbreviated ICS. The specific ICS 242526-12 standard contains a list of requirements for Christmas trees. We import the standard into our model as a model library.

Used Libraries and applied Profiles

As an example, the following table contains three of the Christmas tree standards in the library:

Requirements in the International Christmas Standard ICS 242526-12 Model Library

Our MBSE Podcast Christmas Tree project would like to use exactly these requirements from the library. However, we would like to have a different numbering schema and also add additional properties like obligation, priority, or the stakeholder.

Therefore, we use the SysML copy relationship to create copies of the requirements in our project.

Copied System Requirement “Height of the Tree”

The requirement “Height of the Tree” is a copy of the standard requirement “Tree Height”. The relationship assures that the text of the copied requirement is always identical to the master. All other properties can be different.

The following table shows some of our MBSE Podcast Christmas Tree requirements with the properties: ID, Name, Text, Obligation, Priority, Stakeholder, and the master if it is a copy.

Table with some System Requirements

The requirements are in different packages of the model. Some of them are located in the package structure of the related component, for example, those for the tree.

So much for the third door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. We wish you a great 3rd of December.

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