Episode 25 – SysML v2: A look behind the scenes with Ed Seidewitz

Broadcast date: June 6th, 2022, 19 CET 

SysML v2 is finally in the last stretch to completion. The SST team has worked on this next-generation modeling language since 2017. We already covered the SysML v1 to SysML v2 migration in our last episode. This time, we will look behind the scenes of SysML v2.

Our guest is one of the masterminds of SysML v2: Ed Seidewitz. Ed is also the CTO of Model Driven Solutions.

We will talk about the development of SysML v2 in general and highlight some specific topics.  

How do you develop a modeling language, including its abstract syntax, concrete syntax, and semantics? We will talk to Ed about how the SST team is tackling this big task.

One of the biggest changes in SysML v2 is in the background. SysML v2 is no longer based on UML. What does this mean, not only for users but also for tool vendors? Speaking of tools, the SST team also provides a pilot implementation. Ed is one of the key developers, and we will ask him about that, too. 

You can join us live on the Youtube Livestream on June 6th, 2022, at 19:00 CET or later on YoutubeSpotifyiTunesAmazon Music, or Google Podcasts.  

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