Broadcast date: November 23rd, 2022, 19 CET 

If you compare the definition of the concept of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and the definition of SE (Systems Engineering) and MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering), you´ll find many commonalities. Both concepts claim a life-cycle view of a system or a product. The differences are more in generating and using models in contrast to the management of those models.

The predecessor concepts of PLM – PDM, EDM, etc. – were there to manage drawings and models in mechanical engineering in the form of documents. Documents again raise a bell when we look back into the history of SE.

We talk to Erik Herzog about how these topics comply, how they can benefit from each other, and what a tool landscape may look like. Luckily also, Christian can provide some insights, as his employer is a PLM vendor.

You can join us live on the Youtube Livestream on November 23rd, 2022, at 19:00 CET or later on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, or Google Podcasts.

1 comment on “Episode 29 – MBSE and PLM with Erik Herzog
  1. Dang, I have to wait for this podcast for two more days. It is such an interesting topic and Mr Herzog has been along for many years in this field.

    Will set the popcorn machine on a 48 hour timer.

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