Episode 8 – What do formal modeling languages have to do with Winnie Pooh with guest Dr. Sylvia Melzer [DE]

Broadcast date: March 8, 2021, 7 p.m. – Language: German

This time we take a look behind the scenes of modeling languages and deal with the formalism. For this, we talk to Dr. Sylvia Melzer. She is a research associate at Universität zu Lübeck/Universität Hamburg.

Current technology trends such as Digital Twin, Digital Thread, or the use of artificial intelligence in systems engineering require more formal models. They must be syntactically and semantically formally precise in order to be able to be administered by machines.

While in SysML v1 many were already required by the underlying metamodel, in the current draft of the SysML v2 – specification one now finds passages like the following:

Values of redefiningFeatures are the same as the values of their redefinedFeatures restricted to the domain the redefiningFeature.
∀fg, fs ∈ VF fg ∈ fs.redefinedFeature ⇒ (∀s1 ∈ S (∀fts ∈ VT fts ∈ fs.featuringType ⇒ s1 ∈ (fts)minT) ⇒ (∀s2 ∈ S (featurePair(s1, s2, fs) ≡ featurePair(s1, s2, fg))))

SysML v2 Submission, Kernel Modeling Language (KerML)

It becomes more formal!

What role do languages such as the Distributed Ontology, Model, and Specification Language (DOL), the Attributive Concept Language with Complements (ALC), SROIQ, or the Web Ontology Language (OWL) play in this context?

And what does Winnie the Pooh have to do with it? And what turns marzipan lovers into marzipan despisers?

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Show Notes

Diagram used in the podcast

You can download the model here: Marzipanliebhaber.zip (Cameo / Magicdraw)

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