Episode 19.5 – System Context

Welcome to the 5th door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Today, we take a look at the system context. 

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Episode 19.4 – Base Architecture

Welcome to the 4th door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Behind the door, we take a look at base architectures. 

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Episode 19.3 – Requirements Modeling

Welcome to the 3rd door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Behind the third door, we take a brief look at requirements modeling. 

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Episode 19.2 – System Idea and Objectives

Welcome to the 2nd door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Behind this door, we describe the system idea and system objectives.

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Episode 18 – MBSE Tools: The Incquery Suite with Istvan Rath and Enrique Krajmalnik

This episode is again part of our MBSE Tools series. This time we look at the Incquery Suite.

Our guest Istvan Rath is CEO and co-founder of Incquery Labs. The suite enables the Digital Thread in which it analyses and connects MBSE models. It increases data quality and connects silos. As an integration platform, the Incquery Suite watches over all the phases and provides continuous model analysis, in particular, inter-domain validation and consistency analysis.

We are happy to welcome Enrique Kranjmalnik as a guest in this episode as well. Enrique is COO of Vitech, which is part of Zuken. Among other things, we will talk about how the Incquery Suite can be used for consistency of a tool chain with Vitech’s GENSYS for a system architecture, and Zuken’s E3.series for a detailed wiring design.

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Episode 17 – The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) with Aurelijus Morkevicius

Broadcast date: October 15, 19:00 CET – Language: English In this episode, we talk to Aurelijus from Dassault about the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF). UAF is a framework for modeling enterprise architectures. In the past, architecture frameworks were mainly used in the military context, such as the Department of Defence Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Nato Architecture…

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Episode 16 – MBSE around the World: Finland with Riku Salminen

Broadcast date: September 27, 19:00 CET – Language: English We want to learn how MBSE is used in the world and this time we visit Finland. Our guest is Riku Salminen. We talk about how MBSE is used in Finland, what is the state of education, what organizations are there for MBSE, where are the…

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Episode 15 – MBSE Methodology SYSMOD incl. FAS & VAMOS [EN]

Broadcast date: September 10, 19:00 CET – Language: English In this episode, we want to talk about MBSE methodologies in general and SYSMOD in particular. Since our co-host Tim is the author of SYSMOD, we don’t have a guest this time and just talk to ourselves. We first take a general look at MBSE methodologies…

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Episode 14 – MBSE Events: SWISSED with Prof. Marco Di Maio [EN]

Our guest is Prof. Marco Di Maio. He is one of the organizers of SWISSED and has himself been around the systems engineering world for many years in many different roles. So we will not be short of topics.

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