Episode 27 – MBSE around the World: Spain with Juan Llorens

We want to learn how MBSE is used in the world, and this time we will visit Spain. Our guest is Juan Llorens. We talk about how MBSE is being used in Spain, what the state of training is, what organizations exist for MBSE, where the challenges are, and more.

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Episode 26 – INCOSE Vision 2035 with Paul Schreinemakers

In early 2022, INCOSE published its new vision for the year 2035. Our guest Paul Schreinemakers was a member of the team that developed the vision and, as such responsible for gathering and evaluating the review comments from a wide variety of reviewers. We talk with Paul in general about the 2035 vision to get a good overview, and as a focus, we’ll talk about how the Vision sees MBSE in the future.

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Episode 25 – SysML v2: A look behind the scenes with Ed Seidewitz

Broadcast date: June 6th, 2022, 19 CET  SysML v2 is finally in the last stretch to completion. The SST team has worked on this next-generation modeling language since 2017. We already covered the SysML v1 to SysML v2 migration in our last episode. This time, we will look behind the scenes of SysML v2. Our…

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Episode 24 – Migration of SysML v1 to SysML v2

SysML v2 is in its final run. In this episode, we address the question of what will then become of the many SysML v1 models.

The SysML v2 specification also includes a formal definition of the transformation from SysML v1 to SysML v2 models. Since Tim is one of the transformation developers, we didn’t invite an additional guest this time.

We’ll talk about how the transformation works and what the challenges are. We will also look at different use cases of how a transition from SysML v1 to SysML v2 can look like.

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Episode 23 – Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) with Axel Reichwein

Broadcast date: March 29th, 2022, 19:00 CET Broadcast date: March 29th, 2022, 19:00 CET The interoperability of engineering tools is a hot topic. That means, we want to break up the data silos, where data of specific tools is often hidden. There is hardly any engineering project that does not have it as a challenge. …

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Episode 22 – ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 System Life Cycle Processes and MBSE with Dr. David Endler

This time we are talking about ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288. Probably many of you know this number. It is the leading standard on system life cycle processes.

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Episode 21 – Model-Based Product Line Engineering with Marco Forlingieri from Airbus

This episode is part of our MBSE Methodology series. Dealing with product lines and variants keeps many projects busy. And now we are making the whole thing model-based as well: Model-Based Product Line Engineering (MBPLE).
Our guest can tell us how MBPLE works. Marco Forlingieri is responsible at Airbus for introducing MBPLE into the Airbus-wide product development methodology.

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Episode 20 – The Open Model-Based Engineering Environment (OpenMBEE) with Chris Delp from Nasa JPL

The first episode of 2022 is part of our MBSE tool series and starts right away with a hot topic: “Connected engineering information for a connected world” – that’s the claim of the OpenMBEE platform. Their promise sounds like a dream for every (system) engineer: “It enables engineers to work in the language of their choice and easily share and document their work across other tools.”. So, let’s have a look at how to make the engineers dream true.

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Episode 19.24 – Merry Christmas!

Hohoho and welcome to the 24th and final door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. 

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Episode 19.23 – SysML v2 Requirement, Variants, and API

Welcome to the 23rd door of our MBSE Podcast Advent Calendar. Today, we show you some more aspects of the next-generation modeling language SysML v2.

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